Richard’s Printing is not a large printing conglomerate! We’re a smaller firm that’s been in business for over half a century. And because we’re small, we can give our clients friendly, personal service — when you’re speaking with one of us, you’re speaking with someone who probably knows you by name and is familiar with what you need from a printer — someone who can tell you exactly what’s happening on your project right then!

And don’t be fooled by our size — we can handle all your printing requirements whether offset, digital, or wide format. We can handle whatever printing requirements you may have! Contact us.

Tim Sharpe, Owner: Tim has worked all his life in the firm started by his dad and his grandfather in 1953. Tim is ‘hands-on’ and can be found out by the presses as often as he is in the front office. Call Tim to discuss what you need and get a reliable estimate including a schedule you can count on. You’ll find Tim’s dedication to total customer service makes every job run smooth!

Deirdre, Office Manager: Deirdre runs the business side of the office. She knows the customers and works to ensure everything about a project goes smoothly from initial order to final delivery. …oh, and the billing too! If you call Richard’s, it will probably be Deirdre who answers. If you call more than once, Deirdre will know your name, it’s all part of our customer service!


As one of the first printers in the Port Hope/Cobourg area to recycle paper waste, Richard’s has had a long-standing commitment to introducing environmentally friendly components into each area of our operation like “chemistry-free” printing plates.

As well, we work with clients in choosing a paper stock that respects the environment through FSC certification and is suitable for the job.

Please feel free to ask us more about our environmental commitment and what it means to your print job.